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Quality Commercial Roof Coating Services New Orleans: Roofing and Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coating ServicesGetting Big Easy Roof Repairs’ services would help you with all of your commercial roofing needs. Our roofing services would be able to help you with both home roof coatings and roof coating commercial needs, maintenance, repair, and even replace your existing roof in Louisiana and replace it with a new one.

With New Orleans commercial roof companies, Big Easy Roof Repairs and its team of professional roofers would be able to provide you with all of the services that you may need for your commercial roofing as they provide you with licensed and experienced contractors that have the right equipment and the manpower to get the job done as soon as possible, saving you the energy of doing the whole project yourself. Talk to an expert at (504) 688-3387!

6 Benefits of a Commercial Roof Coatings Service


Having a roof coating system for your commercial roof is a much more affordable option in the market right now. The coating is a cool roof technology that would help lessen the energy you have to give to put it up and the expenses you have to spend on the roofing materials.

Your industrial flat roofing would require significantly more of your time if you choose to completely replace your roof as opposed to simply coating it. Additionally, since you will produce less garbage, you won’t need to set aside any additional funds to cover landfill fees.

Getting a reflective coating would also help you lessen your bills for the energy utilities you are going to need, especially when you have this industrial building.


Applying a roof coating on your building would be so much easier and faster compared to installing a brand new roof entirely. If you are looking for a new and convenient way to enhance your building, then coating your roof would be the perfect way to go.

When you choose to get a roof coating service, then it would generally involve fewer smells, dirt, and noises when you compare it to getting a new roof entirely. So you would not have to move out of the building you are working at and you get to run your company just the same.

If you are still weighing down your options between the two, then getting commercial roof coatings would be so much better.


Cool roofs are something that you could always appreciate, especially during the summertime when the weather is warm.

When you put these additional protective layers on your roofs, a big plus is that you would be able to help cut down some of the waste in landfills as you just restore your roofs.

Compared to the other choices you have on the table, roof coatings are a much better eco-friendly choice because you get to reuse your roofs instead. There are a ton of roof coatings that are low on VOCs.

Flawless finish

Another benefit that you could get when you coat your roof is having a flawless coating for your industrial building’s roof because the coating would be applied on every corner.

During this time, your provider is going to be praying this protective coating on all the parts of your roof, from the roof itself to the pipes, hatches, and all of the other structures of your roof.

Cool roof coatings would not leave any lines and patches untouched, giving off this flawless finish to your roof.


Whether you have a flat roof or any kind of roof, the roof coatings would be able to help you extend the life of your roofing. You could get long-lasting roof coatings because it doesn’t matter if you have a cool roof, but if it could easily get destroyed then what is the point?

You can just re-coat your entire roof every 10 years instead of having to replace it more often, efficiently saving energy. The roof coatings would help make your roofing reflective, waterproof, and generally more long-lasting.

This applies no matter what your roof may be made out of, from a flat and metal roof to a roof that has shingles. There are a lot of coatings that you could get roof coating roofing, reflective roof coatings, and finish roof coating.

UV Protection

Not only is commercial roof coating flawless, but it could also give your cool commercial space this UV protection as you use a reflective coating on your roofs.

With these roof coatings as a new layer of protection, it would help you lessen any expenses that you are going to have to spend on maintenance and repairs, while also increasing the lifespan of your roofs.

Ventilation and comfort would also be able to be improved for our roofs, especially when you add the coatings properly, effectively making your whole building cool.

Type of Roof Coating

There are a few kinds of roof coatings that you could choose from in the market right now. Here are some of the roof coatings that you could choose from:

  • Acrylic Coatings
  • Silicone Coatings
  • Polyurethane Coatings
  • Fluid-applied Asphaltic Rubber Membrane System

The kind of coating that you would choose would depend on the kind of roofing that you have on your commercial building. If you are having trouble choosing the kind of coating you would put on your roofs, then you could always seek help from a roofing company.

Big Easy Roof Repairs’ Commercial Roof Coating Services in New Orleans

Roof Coating Service - Big Easy Roof RepairsIf you are looking for the perfect way to restore coat your roof, enhance your building’s energy efficiency, and help withstand any unwanted rust and water without having to put in too much energy in New Orleans, Big Easy Roof Repairs is the perfect company to work with around the New Orleans area.

You have to make sure that the contractor that you work with has the experience, and proper customer service, and provides high-quality service. Big Easy Roof Repairs and its team of roofing experts in New Orleans would help you solve all of your New Orleans commercial roof needs with our commercial roofing services. Contact us or visit our website for more inquiries.