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Residential Fascia Board Installation and Repair Services in New Orleans

Big Easy Roof Repairs will make your roof look more stunning with top-quality fascia boards that will surely upgrade the look of your roofing system. Our roofing team also specializes in fascia board repairs for homes that experience roof damage and deterioration due to extreme weather conditions or simple wear and tear.

We understand how a fascia board is an important component of your residential roof. Every fascia board installation and repair project are carried out using the best materials to make sure that your home’s gutter system is in place. Our team of roofing experts is ready to deal with and solve specific fascia board issues, so stay with us to know how we can get fascia board installations and repairs done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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What Is the Difference Between Fascia Board and Soffit?

A fascia board is a vertical board that is located directly behind the gutter of your house. It is installed to suit your home’s roof and your requirements when it comes to design, shape, and color.
closeup image of installed fascia board and soffit - Big Easy Roof Repairs
A fascia is installed to create a smooth appearance on a roof’s edge and to protect your roofing system and the interior of your home from severe weather. They are mounted where the roof meets your home’s outer walls and attached directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses.

The soffit, on the other hand, is the roof element located on the span beneath the rafter tails. It is often referred to as the exposed underside of the overhang of a roof, or what is commonly called the eave.

Both the fascia board and the soffit work in tandem to support and hold up the gutters of your home.

Our roofing services include both the installation and repair of fascia boards and soffits of residential roofing systems. We use specialist equipment and the best quality materials to deliver these services in the best ways possible.

Types of Fascia Board That We Install

Our expert roofers are trained and experienced in properly installing new fascia boards on residential roofs in New Orleans area. Our fascia installation service is done with excellent workmanship for a durable and aesthetic fascia. We install new fascia in these types:


We install and repair fascia boards made with aluminum, a popular type of metal for roofing work. Our range of fascia services covers aluminum soffit fascia and fascia plastic aluminum materials manufactured to the highest standards of the industry.

You are assured that you get professional aluminum fascia installation and repair services that have outstanding quality materials and properties with the best design from only the best roofing team in New Orleans.


One of our best specialties in roofing work is wood fascia board installation and repair, including wood soffit elements. Wood is a very common fascia board material that increases the aesthetic value of your home, especially if you have a home with wood siding.

We use top-quality wood materials like cedar and redwood, which have excellent rot resistance and water resistance properties. However, if you prefer fir, spruce, or pine for your fascia board, we can prime and paint them to make them durable.

pvc fascia board


The plastic type of fascia board that we use for durable and aesthetic installation is PVC. Fascia siding and boards made with PVC can be manufactured to your liking. Some can look like wood and they are more water-resistant and rot-resistant.  We offer a variety of colors for plastic fascia board designs.

Fiber Cement or Composite Fascia Boards

Your new siding made with fiber cement can be matched with composite or fiber cement fascia boards for a stunning look. Our soffit fascia replacements, installations, and repairs are also carried out with composite fascia boards that have impressive rot resistance and durability.


We install fascia vinyl soffit material for any home in New Orleans that needs proficient durability, superior quality, and low-maintenance fascia board material. Many homes have used vinyl for fascia boards because of these excellent qualities that make them a top choice.

You can find different types of fascia boards including wood, vinyl, etc. in our gallery of fascia board installation and repair services that we have done in recent years. We work on any type of damage on all types of fascia boards as well to make sure that you have a roofing system that functions well and is aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of a New Fascia Board for Your Home

We are your local roofers in New Orleans dedicated to bringing you the best benefits of fascia board installation and repairs. We make sure that we carry out a thorough assessment of your roof to determine the extent of damage and to know if you need a new fascia board or a repair.

When the damage is too severe for a repair, it may be best to have a new fascia board installed so that water and moisture will not be able to penetrate inside the sidings of your home and cause more extensive and costly damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Fascia in a House?

The cost of fascia board material has grown over the past year, and the average cost for fascia installation in New Orleans is around $10 per linear foot. Fascia board material cost between $1 to $20 per linear foot and labor costs for installation is between $6 and $20 per linear foot.

Signs That Your Fascia Board Needs Repair

Similar to other elements of any residential roofing system, fascia boards can deteriorate with normal wear and tear and in severe weather conditions that cause leakage of water. The common signs that you will need Big Easy Roof Repairs to carry out professional fascia board repair services are:

  • The discoloration is caused by rot or mold from permeating moisture.
  • Cracks or holes that allow moisture to damage the fascia material.
  • Flaking paint indicates water damage and can eventually lead to rot.
  • Gutters that are pulling away or sagging.
  • Water damage on interior walls

Fascia Board Repair Cost

Typical fascia board repair can cost around $6 to $20 per linear foot. The cost will depend primarily on the type of material used and the complexity of the damage and needed repair. Here is a summary of repair costs for soffit and fascia board, according to the damage:

  • Water damage: $70 – $150
  • Insect damage: $75 – $1,000
  • Dry rot: $500 – $10,000 or more

Fascia Board Repairs vs Replacements

paint peeling from an old fascia board

Fascia boards are an integral component of a roofing system. When they get damaged, the roof and siding of your home are compromised. Simple repairs can be done when there are damages that do not require a total replacement. However, a fascia board replacement may be the best option when your residential fascia board is too damaged or weak to continue doing its job.

Why Contact Big Easy Roof Repairs for Your Fascia Board Needs

Big Easy Roof Repair is your professional expert fascia board installer in New Orleans. We also do quality repairs on fascia boards and soffits. We can assist you with every roofing need, from initial design to final installation.

We install top-quality fascia boards and repair damaged ones to make them function well again. We make sure that your guttering system is working efficiently and effectively. Here is why we are the ones you can call for fascia board installation and repairs in New Orleans:

  • 24/7 on call-services
  • Great customer service
  • Decades of experience
  • Quality materials and services
  • Free estimate

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