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Slate Roofing in New Orleans: A Durable and Beautiful Choice for Your Home

Experienced roofing companies like Big Easy Roof Repairs know how to choose the best slate roof materials from the best manufacturers in the industry. More importantly, as professional roofers in New Orleans, we understand the proper installation process that will result in a durable and beautiful slate roof to last for years.

We use only top-rated slate roofing materials and equipment with exceptional workmanship and skill in new roof installation to make slate tiles provide the protection your home needs. Our roofing experts consider slate tile ventilation in all roofing installations to ensure that your roof will be free from damages caused by a lack of roofing ventilation.

Wherever your location is in New Orleans, our professional roofers and roof contractor would be happy and ready to do slate roofing work for the roof of your home. Contact us today and let us know how we can make your home safer and more protected with the best slate roof in New Orleans area.

What Is Slate Roofing?

Slate roofs are becoming very popular for homes in New Orleans because of their admirable-looking material and form. However, slate is not new roofing material since it has been used as a roofing material for many years.

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It is manufactured to last for as long as 200 years with proper care and maintenance. Its durability is attributable to the natural rock with which it was sourced. A slate is formed by cutting the rock into what is called a ‘shingle‘, which is considered the thin, tapered roofing material that is used for roofing work.

We consider the quality of slate roof materials that we use for all our slate roofing projects. Whether it is a new installation, repair, maintenance, or roof replacement project, our expert roof contractor will know the best slate roofing material to use so that you get the best quality slate roof.

Benefits of a Slate Roof

Residential roofing is very crucial since it determines a large proportion of the protection of a home. Roofing work, therefore, is crucial in making sure that a home gets the protection it needs from external elements.

Slate roofing is one of the most preferred roofing types because it is very well-known to be long-lasting, water-resistant, and extremely durable in all types of weather.

Slate Roof Styles and Shape

One of the best reasons that homeowners choose slate roofing is that it comes in a variety of styles and shapes. If you need roofing design with slate, our roof design expert can give you advice on the best slate style and shape that best suits the overall architectural design and material of your home.

Some of the slate roof styles that we can do for your home in New Orleans include:

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  • Standard or uniform slate roofs that have shingles cut into standard squares and uniformly laid out with equal spaces and carefully aligned joints.
  • Patterned slate roofs with different colored shingles and shapes patterned in your chosen design. We can lay the shingles out to form floral and geometric patterns, dates, words, or names.
  • Random-width slate roofs are composed of shingles having one length and thickness, but with different widths.
  • Multicolored or blended slate roofs where different colored shingles are randomly installed. We would typically blend unfading slate colors with semi-weathering ones for ease of transition.
  • Graduated-length slate roofs where slates of varying lengths are installed strategically to create a unique roof.
  • Graduated-thickness slate roofs are created by using slates of three, four, or more successive thicknesses incorporated into graduated length. The thinnest slates are installed at the top of the roof and the thickest slates are installed at the eaves.
  • Textural slate roofs provide a unique aesthetic appeal with slates that have rougher surface textures and thicknesses.
  • Hang-down or staggered but slate roofs are installed with the heads of longer slates laid to the same course line or higher. Because they are longer, their additional length projects past the butt line of nearby slates.

We also have slate roofing materials in different shapes. The most common shapes for slate roofing in New Orleans include:

  • Plain
  • American cottage
  • Variegated
  • Flagstone

Call us today to know more about the Slate roof styles and shapes that our roofing team can install for your New Orleans home.

Why Is Slate a Good Roofing Material for Homes

A new slate roof is a stunning home improvement or home addition. It is worth an investment because of its many benefits which are:


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The inherent properties of slate provide this roofing material its natural beauty. It can be transformed into your chosen color, pattern, and texture so that it will match and enhance the general architectural appeal of your home


Undoubtedly, one of the best benefits of having a slate roof is its unparalleled longevity because you will not need to spend on roof replacement in a couple of years.

Resistant to Fire

The rock material that slates is made of makes a slate roof resistant to fire. Your home will have additional protection and you can safely keep your belongings more effectively even in the event of a fire.

Environment Friendly

Slate roofing is 100 percent made of natural material, making it a more environment-friendly alternative for a residential roof in New Orleans.

Other Advantages

You will have a waterproof roof over your head that will not retain ice or snow when you choose slate roofing. A slate roof is also resistant to insects.

How Much Do Slate Roofs Cost?

The total cost of a slate roof installation in New Orleans is between $1,68.02 to $2,164.99 for a 215 square feet residential roof. The average cost per square foot is from $8.42 to $10.83.

Quality Slate Roof Installation for Your New Orleans Home

Big Easy Roof Repairs is your local trusted roofing company with expert roofers and roof designers. We are a professional roofing contractor who is fully insured, bonded, and licensed to provide efficient and top-quality residential and commercial slate roofing work at the most competitive price.

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Our slate roofing work speaks for itself. We are New Orleans’s top choice for home and commercial slate roofing projects because of:

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